About Us

ESOESTE is an agricultural co-operative since 2016. Our main products are Rocha Pear, Fugi apple, Royal Gala Apple, Casa Nova Apple and Reinette Apple.

Our fruit produce is from the Silver Coast of Portugal, mainly from Óbidos and Caldas da Rainha. This area has excellent climatic conditions which allow for a great flavour and premier quality to the fruit.

We want to be partners with farmers, helping them to adapt their produce to market necessities. We believe that innovation, sustainability and the development of  modern agriculture are the principal keys to maximize production potentiality.


Our goals are to comercialize the products that our partners produce by giving them the qualification and the assistance that they need in their businesses.

Our principal motive is developing and appreciating the efforts of our partners and collaborators.

We hope to make ESOESTE a national and international reference in the quality of it’s products, thus bringing value to the region and reinforcing the social responsability and implementing procedures for environment preservation.